Guidelines for Mt. Shasta Satsang during May 25th through May 27th 2013
 1. With the bountiful blessings of Sri Sai Baba and our beloved Guruvugaru, we shall once again convene for a “Long Weekend Satsang” at Mt. Shasta, California from the 24th of May through the 27th of May 2013.  Let us all pray and ASK for a cherishing and a very memorable Satsang!!
2. This satsang is going to be a very special one as many Saiseekers who had the opportunity to stay in close proximity with Sri Guruji for many many years will be joining us from Europe. It is going to be a great opportunity to interact with them and to learn a lot of their experiences with Sri Guruji. We are humbly requesting all Saiseekers to maintain silence and utilize their stay to the maximum by feeling the presence of Baba and Guruji. Parents are requested to take additional care in keeping their kids calm and composed.
3. Please make sure you have directions to the Satsang hall and to your hotel. Satsang Venue: Sons of Italy, 155 Clay Street Weed, CA 96094-2503
4. Please make sure that the details regarding your arrival time, departure time and contact numbers are all accurate in the website.
5.  If incase you see that any of your information is inaccurate or not present in the website, please email to
6.  Ensure that your vehicle has the SaiSEEkers flyer to facilitate easy recognition for those in help on your way to Mt.Shasta!
7. Weather in Mt.Shasta is forecasted to be sunny for the Memorial Day weekend. We have experienced sudden change in the weather in the past. So, please be prepared with good winter clothing. You will need all winter gear – shoes, jackets, gloves & caps if you are planning to climb the mountain.
8. With Baba and Guruji’s grace, we will have Indian food (Andhra food) for breakfast, lunch and dinner (Dinner on 24th, All Day 25th, All Day 26th and Breakfast & Lunch on 27th). In case you have any special needs with respect to food, please notify us earlier or please plan to make alternate arrangements.
9. Please try to keep the breaks short and return to the Satsang Hall to spend more time in the presence of Baba and Guruvugaru.

10. Please try to maintain silence in the Satsang Hall and keep food and drinks away from the Satsang Hall.
11. If you feel that your kids can be more occupied with any activity or game of their choice, please plan on bringing them. This can help them to be engaged for few hours of the day.
12. We are requesting Gurubandhus to be in constant awareness of “Going Green” and please use every opportunity to Go Green.
Say No to Plastic
Conserve Energy
Don’t Waste Water
Limit the usage of Bottled Water
Walk More and Use Less Gas
13. Attention to All Gurubandhus Driving to the venue: There is construction work going on Interstate 5 and exit 748 (Weed) going Northbound is CLOSED . This will impact Gurubandhus staying in Motel 6 and Comfort Inn. If you are going northbound, exit at 747,  Turn right go to Second Stop Light at Rays Supermarket and turn left to reach Motel6 right around the corner. If you are going southbound exit 748 is open