Guide lines

Guidelines for Saipatham Retreat at Mt. Shasta, Satsang from May 26 through May 29, 2017

 1. With the bountiful blessings of Satguru Sri SaiBaba and our beloved Sri Guruji, we shall once again convene for a “Saipatham Retreat” at                Mt.Shasta, California from May 26 through May 29, 2017. Let us all pray and ASK for a deeply nurturing and very memorable Retreat!

2. Please make sure you have directions to the Retreat hall and to your hotel. Retreat Venue: Siskiyou Community College,                                          800 College Avenue Weed, CA 96094 

3. Please make sure the details regarding your arrival and departure times and your contact numbers are all accurate in the                                     website.

4.  If in case you see that any of your information is inaccurate or missing in the website, please email to

5.  Ensure that your vehicle has the SaiSEEkers flyer to facilitate easy recognition for those helping you on your way to Mt. Shasta.                     

6. The weather forecast for Mt. Shasta says it will be sunny on the Memorial Day weekend. We have experienced sudden change of weather in the     past. So, please be prepared with good winter clothing. You will need all winter gear – shoes, jackets, gloves & caps if you are planning to            climb the mountain.

7. Please try to keep the breaks short and return to the Retreat Hall to spend maximum time in the presence of Baba and Guruji.

8. Please try to maintain silence in the Retreat Hall and do not take food and drinks to the Retreat Hall.

9. If you feel that your kids can be better occupied with some activities or games of their choice, please plan to bring them with you. This can            help them to be engaged for a few hours of the day.

10.Go Green: Please be cognizant of the usage of plastic during the event and in general. To support the Save Earth initiative, please bring                 reusable water bottles.  Water dispensers will be available in the Retreat Hall. 

     We are requesting all Saiseekers to be in constant awareness of “Going Green” and to please use every opportunity to: 

     Go Green

     Say No to Plastic


     Conserve Energy

     Don’t Waste Water

     Limit the usage of Bottled Water

     Walk More and Use Less Gas

11.Please note that while driving, California State requires hands free calling by law and also buckling up all passengers.